Harvest HOP is on the move

June 18th, 2010 - Tim

After two years in our current location on Douglas, our lease has come up and some doors have opened, presenting us with some new options for how to pursue the vision the Lord has given us. After a lot of prayer and listening, we are letting our lease go in order to pursue the priorities and opportunities that God is setting before us in this season. We believe this transition away from having our own building will allow us to focus in on two separate things the Lord has put before us.
First, we are pursuing prayer-based community and what it looks like to live and minister as the people of God out of the place of ministering to Him in prayerful worship and encountering His heart. The Harvest HOP community will be moving into a home where we will continue to seek after the Lord’s heart in weekly times of intercession and worship, and of fellowship, bible study and ministry.
Second, it’s our desire to serve the body of Christ in Wichita (and beyond) with what the Lord has put on our hearts. We will continue to host conferences aimed at equipping and encouraging believers in the areas of prayer, worship, intercession and intimacy with God. Our heart is to see every believer and every community of believers connect with God’s heart for them and for the world around them through the place of prayer, and to that end it’s our goal to serve the church of Wichita with nothing to call anyone to, other than the heart of God. Faith Community Church has graciously opened up their doors to us to host events, and we are working with them now on a conference and series of classes for late this summer. A number of other doors are opening as well and we want to position ourselves to be ready to serve as opportunities come.
Thank you all for your support and encouragement these last two years (it’s hard to believe it’s been that long). HHOP started with a simple vision “A people connected with God’s heart…” This, in my mind, is what’s burning in Jesus’ heart as He proclaims “My house shall be called a house of prayer” and I believe it’s burning in His heart now as He leads this global stirring of prayer and worship. What does it look like when a people come face-to-face with God… who He is, what’s on His heart, and where we fit in? What if we went there? What if we lived there? What does Christian community look like when centered around an ongoing encounter with a living God? That is our portion in Christ, and that’s what’s burning in my heart as we enter into this next season – reaching to respond to that invitation together with believers all across this city and the nations of the earth.
God bless!

P.S. Some practical notes:
Our last weekly service at the Douglas location will be Thursday, June 17th.
We will be starting up a new email list specifically for the weekly Harvest HOP community gatherings, so let us know if you’re interested in attending those times and we will get you on the list. (Of course you’re always more than welcome to contact us if you just want to drop in one week and we’ll let you know the plans for that week.)
The website will continue to be our central location for news, upcoming events and resources. You can check for updates or subscribe to the news feed and the teachings podcast from our home page. We will also send out email reminders for upcoming events.

Email us if you’d like more info or would like to be on the mailing list for either the weekly activities or conferences.

2 Responses to “Harvest HOP is on the move”

  1. Hannah says:


    Are you guys still meeting in the Wichita area? I’ve recently moved here and was looking to attend a meeting.

  2. Tim says:

    Hi Hannah,
    The house of prayer has closed down and we’re no longer doing prayer meetings. We’ve kept the website up just to keep all the resources and articles available. I’m working with a house of prayer down in Oklahoma City now – nbihop.org, but much of the Harvest HOP family in Wichita still gets together for worship, fellowship and bible study in a home on Sunday nights. I’ll email you info in case you’re interested.
    God bless,

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